How to access Skype via Hotmail

Did you know that you can access Skype without even opening the Skype app? Strange right? But it’s possible.

As Microsoft had acquired Skype few years back, it can be access via Hotmail login inbox. Yes, homepage of Hotmail. You don’t even need to download the Skype in your desktop.

All you need to do is,

  • Login to your Hotmail email.
  • Click on message sign from the menu bar (right hand side).
  • Now, you will be automatically being signed in to Skype.

Although the function is in beta version, you can access almost all the option available of the app from here too. So, why to download and install the Skype app when you can get it in a

Furthermore, did you know that you can access Skype with your Hotmail email account? Yes, the answer to this is as same as above, and you can literally download the app and get logged in with your Hotmail email account. So, if you already have a outlook account and wish to create a Skype account, don’t bother, because outlook account will do the rest.

If you are new, click here for the Hotmail Sign up.

All you need to do is open the app, while in login box, enter your Hotmail credentials and click on sign in and you’re done.

Also, one more thing, as you sync your Hotmail account with skype, all the contacts in your outlook will be automatically be added in your skype too. It’s not like you need to search for the username and add a person manually. It’s much simpler now.

Not only skype but you can also access other more products like One Drive, XBox, Office etc with your Hotmail email account. And that also for free. However, there’s no charge for the basic usage but if you want to upgrade your account or get the credits, you need to pay the bill.